Preschooler Daily Schedule
Hour Activity Description
6:00 Arrival time Table activities
8:00 Breakfast Healthy food to start the day
8:45 Play inside Play with manipulative
Potty break
9:00 daily activity Circle time
Planned activity
Unit theme or project
Potty break
10:00 Morning snack Healthy snacks
10:20 Play outdoor Play outside (weather permitting) or
Manipulative Play with manipulative
Potty break
11:00 Group activity One on one help, story time…
11:30 Lunch Full meal
Potty time
12:00 Nap Time to rest
Quiet activities
1:00 Snack Healthy snack, daily recap, music. and movement
Potty time
2:00 End of the day Ensure the children leave with parent Or authorized adult.
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